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In this exclusive interview, Lt. Colonel (USAF Ret.) Wendelle Stevens tells everything he knows surrounding several strange deaths of prominent UFO researchers. The impossible “double suicide” of the great physicist and ufologist, James McDonald.

Lt. Colonel Wendelle Stevens, one of the greatest UFO researchers of all time, passed at 87 on September 10, 2010 in Tucson, Arizona. The following interview was given by Col. Stevens to Maurizio Baiata in Montesilvano (Italy) in November 1997. The full transcript has been reviewed and approved by Col. Stevens, in view of publication by the bimonthly magazine Open Minds. The article never found room in those pages and I am honored to presented it here for the very first time.

The last picture I took of Col. Stevens in 2010, at Open Minds premises, in Tempe (AZ). (photo: Maurizio Baiata)

The last picture I took of Col. Stevens in 2010, at Open Minds premises, in Tempe (AZ). (photo: Maurizio Baiata)

I had the fortune to meet Col. Stevens several times in Tucson and in Tempe (AZ) in 2009 and 2010, when I took the pictures depicted in this article. (altro…)

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Fortunately, through the net old and nearly forgotten pages come to light again. Thanks to the work and passion of some human Rock diggers. This is the case of an article I wrote in 1973 for the weekly “Ciao 2001”, the most famous Italian Music Magazine of the time. With an estimated readership of 200,000, “Ciao” was fundamental in search & divulge the best Progressive Rock of those epic and spaced-out Seventies. We served the cause of the new sounds coming from the Cosmos and the abyss of soul, as in the case of the magnificent Music of the Third Ear Band.

I just have to thank the friends of “Ghetto Raga”, the website that has given attention to my article and made it readable in two parts. The links:

PART 1 http://ghettoraga.blogspot.it/2011/09/apprentice-and-sorcerer-part-one-old.html

PART 2 http://ghettoraga.blogspot.it/2011/09/apprentice-and-sorcerer-part-two-old.html

I also really appreciate the translation done by Daniele Briganti (read him athttp://stampamusicale.altervista.org/)

Now, folks, welcome to the never ending magic of THIRD EAR BAND!

Maurizio Baiata, June 15, 2015

GHETTO RAGA English 2Ghetto raga english One

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This article can be freely reproduced. Thanks for your interest in my work. 

According to Jaime Maussan, this image is the best available in hi-res. On the right, the placard, saying:

According to Jaime Maussan, this image is the best available in hi-res. On the right, the placard, saying: “Mummified Body of Two Year Old Boy”.

The turning point of the erroneously labeled “Roswell Slides” came quickly. In the less than two weeks since the May 5th event in Mexico City, the long-awaited slides have become a deadly boomerang for the Mexican journalist Jaime Maussan – and for those who have supported and accompanied him on stage at the mammoth Auditorium Nacional in Mexico City. MirrorThe five-hour long conference was attended by 7,000 spectators and seen via live streaming by an unknown number of people around the world, each of whom paid $19,99 US for the privilege. According to a local newspaper, related internet hits reached around two million as Maussan spoke of a few thousand, this confirmed by the British newspaper, The Mirror. Such an almost- inconceivable discrepancy does not seem worthy of any respectable media service.

The questions which comprise this interview were not planned with Maussan. (altro…)

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Dear All, Please find some thoughts below from my wife Philippa, in relation to the recent communications on MILABS and Abductee Support from a Therapist’s point of view. Best regards, Alan Foster.

My name is Philippa Foster, and I am the wife of Alan Foster (Advisory Board of Exopolitics – Research and Education). After many years of UFOlogical research and working as a Therapist offering support to Abductees in the UK, I feel I needed to write in relation to the recent comments on MILABS (which also happens in Britain) and Mary Rodwell’s comments re: Help for experiencers in Britain. (altro…)

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“I thought it was a small child at first until he turned the head and he looked at me and… his eyes were not human”…

What follows is the original uncut interview that Stan Romanek gave to me when I was staff editor at the Open Minds magazine, in Tempe Arizona.

85 stan romanek

Stan Romanek (Photo: Maurizio Baiata)

Maurizio Baiata: What’s your first thought when you wake up in the morning?

Stan Romanek: This is one of the issues with the phenomenon. When I wake up really I’m obsessed with my experiences. It’s a type of post traumatic stress disorder. I’ve used to believe that was because of my disbelief in the subject and it was hard for me to handle. But I wonder sometimes that its because they have done something to me, that I have a mission to accomplish and that’s how I feel it.

M.B.: Stan, when you talk about a “mission” is easy for a “non believer”, or a debunker to say this guy is a space cadet, his mind is flying all over…

S.R.: They can say that because they have never had an experience. And I understand exactly where they’re coming from, because I was the biggest skeptic. So I understand the mindset. Let’s face it. People have this idea of reality. They live in this little world, this little bubble that they think is reality and if anything changes it throws their minds off balance and it scares them a little bit. So, what they do with it? In my case, I had a choice to either accept it, or… what, what I’m going to do, jump off the building?

M.B.: Do you remember when your experiences began?

S.R.: I’m 47 today and I do understand what’s happening, but I was five when it began and as a child you don’t put two and two together at all. I had then some experiences that I couldn’t make sense of. (altro…)

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